Commonly asked questions about Methylene Blue


Where should we buy high quality CZTL Methylene Blue?
You can purchase Methylene Blue on Our products are tested for heavy metals and we ship the products with the certificate of analysis.

Why should I purchase CZTL Methylene Blue?
Our product is the only one that is:

  • 3rd party tested by a certified lab in the US
  • Certified to be highly pure with minimal heavy metals
  • Very competitive in pricing 
  • Fast delivery
  • Excellent customer service
  • We take full responsibility of ensuring the delivery of the product to your door step

Finally, we pride on being ethical and we do not peddle false narratives about other brands (something that a few of the recently launched fly by night brands/individuals seem to be doing) and always back up our claims with evidence.

We find our resources are better spent in improving our product & services than pulling down other brands with fake/misleading campaigns. 

Do you provide global shipping?
We ship Methylene Blue to all countries globally including the UK, Australia and New Zealand. 

Should I purchase CZTL Powder or liquid Methylene Blue?
CZTL Methylene Blue powder works out to be cheaper than liquids due to a variety of reasons including shipping, packaging and handling. So if you are ready to prepare the concentration yourself, powder will work out to be better. Also, powder can be stored for 3 years and since we ship in multiples of 1 gram, it does make handling very easy as you only need to mix what you plan to use.

However, if you need the convenience of a readymade solution, then liquids are better.

Is there a chart on preparing different concentrations?

Required Concentration

Amount of water to add per 1 gram of MB

Approx. mg MB per drop of prepared solution*

Amount of mg MB in 0.5ml of prepared solution

0.1% (w/v)

1 litre (33.814 fl oz.)

0.05 mg/drop

0.5 mg / 0.5 ml

0.5% (w/v)

200 ml (6.7628 fl oz.)

0.25 mg/drop

2.5 mg / 0.5 ml

1% (w/v)
most popular

100 ml (3.3814 fl oz.)

0.5 mg/drop

5 mg / 0.5 ml

2% (w/v)

50 ml (1.6907 fl oz.)


10 mg / 0.5 ml

If you want to prepare a concentration not mentioned above, write to us and we will help you.

* Please note a drop is a non-standard measure and is only provided for practical convenience. Ideally, you should measure the solution using the ml markings provided on the dropper for exact measurements.

* w/v means weight / volume

How do I make 1% (w/v) Methylene Blue solution?
Mix 1 gm of Methylene Blue with 100 ml of water to make 1% solution

How do I make 0.1% (w/v) Methylene Blue solution?
Mix 1 gm of Methylene Blue with 1 liter of water to make 0.1% solution

How long can I store the solution?
Methylene Blue is a stable compound with a long shelf life. It should however, be stored in a dark, dry and a cool place. Ideal setting would be store it in a dark place around 15-20 degrees Celsius. In powder form, it can easily be stored up to 3 years.

How can I order bulk (more than 100 gms) quantities?
Please write to and we will be happy to assist you.

Which currency are all the prices in?
The prices are in US Dollars.

What is the shipping cost?
The shipping cost is 15 USD.

Which payment methods do you support?
We currently offer PayPal, RazorPay and Stripe as the payment option. We recommend using PayPal as it has the maximum success rate of a transaction going through.

However, if you are not comfortable using PayPal then you can opt for Stripe at checkout. 

My payment was declined, what should I do?
Please contact your bank to see if your bank is blocking the transactions.

If you have attempted payment more than once (and your bank has also confirmed that it is not blocking the transaction), you can use the below mentioned direct links to attempt payment using a credit card or Apple Pay. Please drop us a note via the contact form after you pay using the below link.

 5 gram Methylene Blue
10 gram Methylene Blue
50 gram Methylene Blue


If the above do not work, then please do reach out to us via the Contact Us form. If you write to us we will be able to provide you with local options for fund transfer.

How do I track my order?
Tracking details are shared with the buyer via email once the product is shipped. So you should be able to track the order using the same.

How long does the delivery normally take?
We have manufacturing & storage units in Canada, Australia, USA, UK, France and India. We try to fulfill the order from the nearest warehouse so that you get the fastest possible delivery. However, you should account for a 2-3 weeks of delivery time especially if its a cross border shipment.

What does USP Grade Methylene Blue mean?
USP is a measure of purity - it means that the product quality is tested and heavy metals/impurities are found to be equal and/or lower than what is recommended by USP. A batch heavy metal analysis is provided with every order.

Why is the logo different on the website and on the packaging?
We are undergoing a rebranding exercise so our logos are being updated to a new & simpler & modern version. The logo on the website has been updated however we are in the process of updating the logo on our product packaging.


 Other General Questions

How do I distinguish USP grade Methylene Blue vs Non USP Grade Methylene Blue?
The easiest is to ask for the COA and check with the supplier if the manufacturing facilities are ISO/GMP compliant. Also, ask the supplier if it complies with USP standards.

If you have access to the powder form of the product, a visual inspection can be carried out - in powder form USP grade is bronze with a slight shine while non USP grade tend to be brick red in color.



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