Methylene Blue

Methylene Blue (Methylthioninium Chloride) is a blue dye that was first synthesized by Heinrich Caro.

It was given the name "magic bullet" by German nobel laureate Paul Ehrlich, as a from its short form - MB .

Methylene Blue has wide ranging uses. One of the most popular uses being as a dye for coloring and by hobbyist in the blue bottle experiment.

MB Sure provides the highest purity Methylene Blue that can be used for any of the uses mentioned above.

  • Premium Quality

    Our MB is prepared using ultra high purity chemicals. We source our raw materials from certified manufacturers & each batch undergoes multiple round of tests to ensure the purest product.

  • Detailed Steps

    Our Methylene Blue powder ships with detailed steps on preparing various concentrations to suit your requirements.

  • Safe Packaging

    Being a dye, Methylene Blue leaves very strong stains in case of spill. Our multi-layered packaging and detailed instructions ensures who know how to handle the product every step of the way.