CZTL will absorb the cost of inflation on USP Grade Methylene Blue

Globally, inflation is causing prizes to rise. Even our sourcing costs, shipping and packaging costs have increased in the recent past primarily owing to increase in gas and raw material prices. However, the management at CZTL in its quarterly meeting has taken a decision to absorb this price increase and to not pass it on to their customers.

Below is the official note released by CZTL management:

"Some of the people we serve are one of the most vulnerable in our society. At this moment, we don't want to do what the others are doing and increase prices. We will optimize our processes, innovate and cut costs in areas where possible without compromising on the quality of product we offer. It is a challenge we at CZTL have taken and we are sure we have the right team and technology to succeed in our endeavor.
We do not believe that more for us should mean less for our consumers - more for us should mean more for our consumers. That is the ethos on which CZTL is built and will always strive towards."


In a more detailed discussion, Mrs Pacalet who heads operations explained some of the plans of how this will be achieved. This included plans to combine multiple shipments into single large shipping containers instead of multiple containers as was being done today, use of more efficient packaging for larger orders, higher use of sea freight over air freight, using distributed warehouses across various countries & regions to ensure optimization on shipping costs, and other such ideas that were already in the process of being implemented or had been implemented.

Mr Dorsey also confirmed that a new state of the art testing facility that was being built in partnership for analysis and reporting was on track and would be launched by June as planned.